United Parcel Service Audit

Our small parcel service guarantee audit process for UPS is very similar to our FedEx audit process except that it is a post-audit versus a pre-audit.  What this means is that, instead of being credited for the service failure prior to sending your payment to FedEx, customers who use our UPS service guarantee audit, pay UPS the original amount billed and then UPS credits the customer on a future invoice. 

How it works...

  • TLD receives the customer's UPS file and sends a POD request to UPS for all of the packages shipped under that file. TLD then reviews the returned POD's delivery detail.

  • Our small parcel auditors then contact a UPS customer service center (within 15 days of the scheduled delivery date) and request the refunds by tracking number. Our experience and knowledge of UPS's terms and conditions enable us to secure refunds that might typically be denied.

  • Once the refund has been verbally approved by the UPS customer service representative, TLD submits a final claim to UPS, the amount of which is eventually sent directly to our customer in the form of a refund from UPS.

  • Since UPS can deny a refund after it has been granted and since it is not obligated to notify us of the denial, we ask our customers to provide us with the credit pages of its invoices so that we can confirm the refund before we bill for our services. We may also elect to pursue getting a denial credited again depending on the reason that UPS denied the original guaranteed service refund.

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