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"Necessity is the mother of invention..."

The statement made famous by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato is the reason The Logistics Department was formed in 1995.  But the story does not start there...

The vision of what is now The Logistics Department (TLD) had its beginnings in the 80's when one of the founders was searching for a way to maximize the value of the partner relationships he had formed with a core group of transportation providers. His goals were to ensure the partners were only awarded business that best fit their capabilities, that they were rewarded with a reasonable profit, and that his employer received these services at the best possible price.

Intuitively, he knew that to be a preferred partner while simultaneously meeting his employer's goals, he must have an up-to-date, accurate, and complete knowledge of his business requirements. Something that at the time was easier said than done . . . As a result, the "necessity" was born.

This was the beginning of a passion to find, secure, or "invent" tools that would fulfill this necessity. Tools that would enable the practitioner to quickly and easily transform vast amounts of information into actionable knowledge that would be of value to all partners.

Soon after beginning to use the tools invented to meet the stated necessity, it became apparent that others could benefit by having access to these same tools.

This realization opened the next chapter of our story. Licensing of the original technology and tools created for companies who were providing pre-audit and payment services. For several years, numerous pre-audit and payment companies successfully grew their businesses, by offering the tools that had been created and were being continually enhanced, to current and new clients.

Then, in 1995 a manufacturer, who shared the same desire of maximizing the value of partner relationships he had formed with a core group of transportation providers, became familiar with the tools being offered. They were certain these tools were the best available, but they wanted more.

The manufacturer had always performed the auditing and payment process internally and now wanted to have 100 percent confidence in the company selected to perform this critical function and who would ultimately become an extension of its organization.

They were aware of the reputation of integrity, honesty, and commitment to professional excellence associated with the inventor of the tools. They knew he could be trusted without reservation, so they asked the question . . . are you willing to not only make the tools available, but also provide the entire outsourced service?

Always focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of current and potential clients, the answer was simple... yes we can do that.

And so it's true, Plato was right... "Necessity is the mother of invention", The Logistics Department was born and the story continues today.

Thank you for visiting our site and listening to our story.  

We encourage you to visit the rest of our site and learn more about how The Logistics Department can become a trusted extension of your company and enable you to not only pay invoices, but to invest in them and transform the information gathered into actionable knowledge. Knowledge that can help you maximize the value of your partner relationships and facilitate your effort to be a preferred partner.




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