Freight Bill Processing

Using The Logistics Department as your freight bill processing partner, you can expect to realize the following benefits . . .

Actionable Knowledge
- Combining our auditing process with our technology tools ensures that we accurately capture all charges associated with each of your transportation transactions, appropriately organize the vast amount of data collected, and then provide company wide access to personalized views of relevant data giving you the knowledge you need to make the highest quality decisions.

Convenience – Anyone in your company, with security authorization, can have instant access to detailed or summarized information of all of your transportation transactions in the exact format that is useful for them.

Reduced Transportation & Labor Costs – Our process ensures you are only paying valid charges. In addition, our inquiry tools enable you to conveniently identify transportation savings opportunities, evaluate your options, and more effectively negotiate with your transportation service partners.

At the same time, internal resources that were previously involved with auditing charges, organizing data, answering questions pertaining to transportation costs and allocation of charges, or securing information for customer deductions, shipment inquiries, and transportation claims are drastically reduced or eliminated.


Reduced Cost
Transaction Matching
The validity of each freight invoice is confirmed by comparing specific, customer determined, data elements on the carrier’s invoice with information that has been imported into our system from each client’s order or shipment history database.
You only pay valid invoices
Auto Rating
Using the rating technology resident as part of our Route Optimizer product, our system calculates the expected cost of each shipment. Freight invoices must fall within a customer defined tolerance before being eligible for payment.
    You can be assured that the freight class & rate applied plus the carrier’s calculation is 100% accurate
Detailed Charges Breakout Every freight and accessorial charge associated with each invoice is independently captured and becomes part of our transaction history. Capturing invoice detail enables you to clearly and accurately evaluate current and potential carrier partner cost structures Capturing invoice detail enables you to easily view your transportation cost from the smallest detail to the most general perspective  
Duplicate Invoice Check As each invoice is processed, it is compared to all invoices associated with your business for the previous 24 months to prevent duplicate payment     You only pay an invoice once
Blind Input Validation Our processors are required to independently validate six key data elements of each transaction before an invoice can become eligible for payment You can have complete confidence in the accuracy of the information you use to make decisions   You pay the right carrier the right amount on the right invoice every time
Multiple User Access Using the most current security protocols and technology, anyone you wish, with a connection to the internet, can have access to the data that has been captured and completed the audit & payment process Users have instant access to the information they need to make quality decisions All that is needed is your security approval and internet access Access to information facilitates quality decisions that can reduce cost
Inquiry / Personalized Report Formatting In addition to numerous management reports, the inquiry system gives each user complete flexibility to search for information or create reports with the information they want in the format that is most useful for them. Transforms information into actionable knowledge you can immediately put to use The exact information you need, when you need it, in a format you can use Quality and timely decisions that have a direct impact on cost

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