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The Logistic Department Announces

New Customer Partnership with FROZSUN

Orange, CA - August 4, 2009 - The Logistics Department welcomes new pre-audit and payment customer FROZSUN aka Sunrise Growers( TLD will be providing FROZSUN with a variety of services and products including supporting their TL and LTL request for proposal (RFP), completing their pre-audit and payment services, plus the use of our on-demand and inquiry tools. Joe McCarthy, VP & CFO, stated that his prior experience with The Logistics Department proved beneficial and he looks forward to FROZSUN getting improved controls and visibility over transportation and logistics costs.

About FROZSUN - Sunrise Growers

Frozsun, Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries that includes Frozsun Foods and Sunrise Growers is the leading value-added supplier of frozen strawberry and other fruit products in the U.S.  The Company is also a large distributor and marketer of fresh strawberries.  The Company's integrated fresh and frozen operations have enabled the Company to develop a significant competitive advantage with customers and growers.  With a focus on long-term relationships, Frozsun-Sunrise has developed a loyal customer base in both the frozen and fresh markets with leading retail, food service and industrial customers.

About TLD

The Logistics Department focuses on using technology to capture, organize, and transform the vast amount of data collected through the pre-audit and payment process into readily accessible and actionable knowledge.

Some of our current offerings include:

  • Pre-audit and remittance preparation for all shipment modes--domestic and international.
  • Service level guarantee audit and recovery for UPS and FedEx transactions.
  • Supply chain performance assessment and strategic planning consulting services.
  • Strategic supply chain tools that enable users to explore network, mode, and specific carrier options.


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