TMS - Route Optimizer

We know from years of experience that if you are not comparing rates on every shipment you are wasting money.  Avoiding one misrouted shipment per month typically covers the cost of using the TLD's Transportation Management System for a month. Our solution, The TLD Transportation Management Route Optimizer is a TMS that enables you to compare all of your carriers simultaneously so you can select the right carrier for your particular need and budget.

The TLD Transportation Management Route Optimizer - TMS is used by shippers to route outbound shipments, by buyer/planners to route inbound shipments, and by customer service representatives to quote shipping costs to customers. It is painless and very easy to manipulate. TLD hosts' it and you use it over the internet as we maintain it for you. It really could not be any easier.


Here are some of its features:


  • Rates TL, LTL, Mileage, Linear Feet, Cubic Feet, Air Cargo and Air Express Shipments
  • Variable Weight Tiers
  • Variable Discounting
  • Variable Dynamic Fuel Surcharge Calculations
  • Variable Origin/Destination Point Bases
  • Transit Times
  • Mileage Database/Pc Miler
  • Build and Optimize Shopping Profiles
  • Shop Multiple Modes and Equipment Sizes in the Same Event
  • Shop FAK and Class Rated Carriers in the Same Event
  • Displays Top Rank Carriers in Least Cost Order or by Transit Time
  • Event Logging Ensures Users are Accountable for Their Decisions
  • Quarterly Zip Code Database Updates Ensure Your Zip Code Data is Up-to-Date
  • On-Board Bill of Lading Generation System
  • Carrier and Tariff Profiles are Password Protected
  • Tender Loads via E-Mail
  • Bill of Lading History


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