Freight Claims Management

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Freight Claims Management is an integral part of The Logistics Department. As a result of this focus and our practice of designing a process that meets each clients' exact requirements, we are able to create value in a function that previously may have been considered just a neccessary part of doing business.

We are told, time and time again, by current clients, that the information we provide continues to be invaluable in more effectively managing thier business, that, by freeing up resources which were previously devoted to claims management, they are able to better service their clients, and the fact that we are only compensated after a claim is resolved are some of the primary reasons we have never had a client discontinue our service.

Benefits Include:

  • Valuable Claims Information
  • Timely Resolution
  • Capturing "Lost" Dollars
  • No cost until resolution
  • Resource Allocation
  • Improved Cash Flow

One of the most significant benefits of our claim management services, is the knowledge created through our extensive reporting capabilities. By providing you with numerous "standard" reports, you will have total visibility of such important areas as carrier, distribution center, and packaging performance. Having this knowledge enables you to work smarter and ensure you are focusing your company's resources in the areas that will provide the greatest payback. In addition to providing you with a set of printed reports each month, we can also convert reports into an Excel format and E-mail this information to you as frequently as necessary.

Standard Reports Include:

  • Total Open Claims
  • Open Claims by Carrier
  • Open Claims by Ship Point
  • Closed Claims
  • Claims Filed by Carrier
  • Claims Filed by Ship Point
  • Claims Filed by Product
  • Claims Aging

Also available in Excel Format

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